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Backed by the United States, the strongly anti-Communist South Vietnamese government of Ngo Dinh Diem refused to support the Geneva accords, and put off elections indefinitely.

He convinced millions of Vietnamese to fight for his Communist cause and was able to drive out both the French and the U. He wanted all of Vietnam to be under one flag; his communist flag. Ho Chi Minh had a clear line of communication with the commanders of his army.

Ho Chi Minh

Most of the Vietnamese army was mal-nutritioned, and had few advanced weapons. Gracey led his command into Saigon as the first allied commander since the fall of Japanese control, A biography of ho chi minh essay thus the British set the stage for the violence to come.

At the time, in an essay considering whether a UN Good Offices Commission on Indochina might be worth establishing in light of similar commission on Indonesia, John Embree pointed out that although the conflict in Vietnam was "a war in which France is the prime mover, but which was initially aided by British military force and which can continue only by the use of military equipment made in U.

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He learned at a young age what he wanted, and did what it took to get it. President Lyndon Johnson made the decision to halt escalation of the war and called for peace talks to begin.

But in Octobera French cruiser opened fire on the town of Haiphong after a clash between French and Vietnamese soldiers. This section contains words approx. President Lyndon Johnson by announcing that the North Vietnamese would never negotiate under the threat of bombing. This was a large advantage in the war, and is one of the largest factors of the defeat of American troops in Vietnam.

They used what little resources they had to create some of the most gruesome and horrifying booby traps known to man. As a young man, he studied how powerful governments worked. Instead, Ho Chi Minh and his commander decided to train the troops how to set traps for the French and Americans.

Visit Website Did you know? Armed conflict between the two states continued until a decisive battle at Dien Bien Phu ended in French defeat by Viet Minh forces.

He was able to mobilize forces in an instant, and have them waiting on the Americans when they tried to make a move. He was a good leader for several reasons, one of which is perseverance. When proposing a reasonable selection of which nations were best suited for a place at the table, he suggests somewhat conspicuously that "of the Occidental countries the United States and the Soviet Union are probably ruled out because of the issue of communism included in negotiations with Ho Chi Minh.

Inarmed conflict broke out again, as Communist guerrillas known as the Viet Cong began launching attacks on targets including U. His commander said when asked how long he would have fought the Americans, "Twenty years, maybe - as long as it took to win, regardless of cost.

With the Allied victory inJapanese forces withdrew from Vietnam, leaving the French-educated Emperor Bao Dai in control of an independent Vietnam.

His ability to not settle for anything less inspired his followers to do the same.

Because of his vast knowledge of how military officers thought and functioned, he was able to drive out the French and later the Americans from Vietnam. Even inEmbree already sees "that the old fashioned colonialism for which the French are fighting in Indochina is a lost cause" and proposes that the only solution for a lasting peace in Vietnam is a United Nations commission.

He was able to stick things out no matter how bad they got. Bythe group of countries supporting the two sides in the conflict had widened to include the United States as Britain took a less prominent role. He was a very resourceful person. A short biography on how Ho Chi Minh developed as a powerful and respected leader among his followers.

He once told the French that his army could kill one Frenchman for every ten Vietnamese lost, and he would still win. Vietnam transitioned from French colonial control through a series of violent conflicts which began as an internal conflict between colonizers and colonized but ultimately transformed into one of the more important proxy wars fought between the United States and Soviet Union.

The subsequent treaty negotiations at Geneva at which Ho was represented by his associate Pham Van Dong partitioned Indochina and called for elections for reunification in The conflict was still ongoing by September 2,when Ho Chi Minh died in Hanoi at the age of He soon began recruiting members of a Vietnamese nationalist movement that would form the basis of the Indochinese Communist Party founded in Hong Kong in and traveled the world, including Brussels, Paris and Siam now Thailandwhere he worked as a representative of the Communist International organization.

He was also able to keep the people he led from giving up. Another characteristic that he possessed that helped him to be an effective leader was his self confidence. Ho Chi Minh bringer of light was a powerful and respected leader among his followers.Ho Chi-Minh was born Nguyen Sihh Cung on May 19,in Nghe province in central Vietnam.

He was brought into the struggle for independence almost from birth. Nghe was the center of resistance to China’s one thousand-year control of Vietnam. Ho’s father was a minor official in the French regime and an ardent critic of French colonialism in Vietnam.

He would eventually resign from his position to Born: May 19, Ho emphasized the revolutionary potential of the peasantry, and used communism as a device to bring the independence in Vietnam. In the sixteenth century, Europeans began visiting Vietnam.

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It was during the sixteenth century when Vietnam fell apart. Body Ho Chi Minh was born on 19 May, in Hoang Tru Village, in the central of Vietnam. According to mint-body.com, "When Ho Chi Minh was born inVietnam was under French control.

Ho Chi Minh also gives a tremendous impact on Vietnam future /5(3). Ho Chi Minh, real name Nguyen Tat Thanh (), Vietnamese Communist leader and the principal force behind the Vietnamese struggle against French colonial rule.

Ho was born on May 19,in the village of Kimlien, Annam (central Vietnam), the s 3/5(1). Biography: Ho Chi Minh Essay - Ho Chi Minh was born on 19th of May, in the village of Hoàng Trù in Vietnam during the time of the French colonisation, his given name was Nguyen That Thanh.

Ho Chi Minh had a clear line of communication with the commanders of his army. This was a large advantage in the war, and is one of the largest factors of the defeat of American troops in Vietnam. He was a very resourceful person.

A biography of ho chi minh essay
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