An analysis of kindred essay about dana and rufus

Just look at the way he reacts when Dana threatens to walk out of his life: He was with him when he broke his leg and wanted to learn to read just like Rufus. To understand their origins—and to appreciate what it means to be an interracial couple in modern times—Dana and Kevin must come to a fuller understanding of the past.

The scale of power begins tipped towards Dana, then towards Rufus, then for another brief moment back to Dana. When Dana arrives from the past for the last time, she discovers -excruciatingly painfully- that her arm had somehow meshed and conjoined with the wall of her living room.

She pays for betraying her fellow slaves, however. She turns to laudanum for the pain she suffers and becomes addicted. Joe, who resembles Rufus, is smart and devoted to his mother. While Rufus may have controlled her body, she controlled her mind. All is well for him until Dana leaves him behind when she has to return to In doing this, she intensifies our understanding of the condition of the black woman in slavery and the freed black woman.

He is not as capable a person as she is, so he eventually whips her to put her in her place. Dim-witted and temperamental, Margaret lashes out at the slaves. All the characters in the book have a pivotal role in the development of Dana, one in particular being Alice.

Send her to me. The fact that Alice never fully develops is something that had to happen for the reader to see development of Dana in a more lucid way, for Dana symbolically represents what Alice could have been if in another place or time. Dana feels great compassion for the slaves, not just because she is black, too, but also because they are human beings caught in an inhumane situation.

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Butler effectively utilizes a common technique in fiction whereby an individual becomes heroic by transcending his or her base humanity by drawing on hidden inner resources.

Because she chooses not to interact with whites, and because she is mute, Carrie succeeds in keeping a low profile. She goes even further to marry Isaac, a slave from another plantation, in which Rufus becomes infuriated and rapes her.

Ironically, his desire to possess her forever comes true in a small sense: This is what Rufus desires most and the only power Alice has over him. Weylin sells Luke simply because he tires of his sass, a decision that frightens Dana and show that no one is safe from the cruelty and arbitrary whims of whites.

Rufus uses her possessive love for him against his father to protect himself and get what he wants. After an unsuccessful attempt to rape Alice, he asks Dana to go to Alice and convince her that her entire life will be miserable unless she gives in to his demands.

It is also significant that she suffers her injury because Rufus hangs on to her. She refrains from attempting escape for the sake of Carrie, but she does so with dignity and with anger. Kevin is a relatively progressive white man who married a black woman despite the objections of his family.

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In Kindred, Butler uses time travel to give a modern audience the unique ability to have actual firsthand experience of slavery through the character of Dana, a contemporary of the reading audience. Fear of a beating, fear of being sold, and fear of losing their families made them passive and accepting of the lives they lived.

As a time traveler to the South, he frees slaves. Yet Dana worries about the changes that might occur in Kevin if he is forced to remain for long in the antebellum South.

Dana also discerns the manifestations of slave resistance. As an adult, however, Nigel realizes that Rufus does not view him as a true friend. The idea of sexuality for Dana is initially one that she feels comfortable with and has control over when she is in twentieth century California.

He whips them when they need it and never sees them as humans, but rather as property to dispose of as he sees fit.Essays and criticism on Octavia Butler's Kindred - Critical Essays.

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As Kindred unfolds, and Rufus called Dana back to a time when she would be considered a slave. Study Guide for Kindred by Octavia E. Butler Analysis Synopsis was the one who set the house on fire to cover up that Dana had murdered Rufus.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Rufus Weylin in Kindred, written by masters of this stuff just for you. “Kindred” by Octavia Butler -Analysis Essay.

A. We will write a custom essay sample on “Kindred” by Octavia Butler -Analysis Rufus has Dana sent to. Essays and criticism on Octavia Butler's Kindred - Sample Essay Outlines. In Kindred, Octavia Butler uses and Rufus called Dana back to a time when she would.

Literary Analysis Essay on "Kindred Alice further explains this when she is talking to Dana about being property of Rufus. While Dana contends that Alice.

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An analysis of kindred essay about dana and rufus
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