An application of jean watsons theory of transpersonal caring to nursing practice essay

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring

The seventh carative factor promoting transpersonal teaching and learning is used with the family concerning the questions they had about the events that took place after we received the patient in the emergency department. Allowance for existential-phenomenological forces Phenomenology is a way of understanding people from the way things appear to them, from their frame of reference.

Expressing positive and negative feelings and emotions 6. Nursing theories and nursing practice 3rd ed. Advanced transpersonal caring modalities encompass ethical and relational caring, along with energetic consciousness modalities that honor wholeness, healing, comfort, balance, harmony, and well-being.

Nursing also entails promoting healthy lifestyles and coming up with ways of preventing illness of mental, social or physical body components.

Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring

International Journal for Human Caring, 7 3 There are four levels of nursing theories. Over time, Watson has refined the relationships of the theory to more closely relate to her current understanding of human caring and spirituality.

Health can be redefined as the unity and harmony within the body, mind, and soul and a harmony between self and others and self and nature Alligood, Both are fully present in the moment and feel a union with the other; they share a phenomenal field that becomes part of the life history of both.

Health in this situation is not considered the absence of disease or good physical health, but dealt with the emotional and spiritual aspects of health as described by Watson. Mosby Elsevier Cara, C. More essays like this: Caring for patients promotes growth; a caring environment accepts a person as he or she is, and looks to what he or she may become.

The working environment should therefore be more enhancing in promoting a caring attitude by the professionals. This family had religious convictions that needed to be addressed and requested to pray with their loved one and have his pastor present.

Through the one on one interaction between the nurse and the patient, the nurse is able to identify the condition of the patient better and this puts him on a better platform to give the most appropriate recommendation.

Both provide a framework for decision making. Caring is central to nursing practice, and promotes health better than a simple medical cure. The theory is based on several assumptions that describe nursing on a totally different platform from the conventional concept of providing treatment to the unhealthy.

This entails the full expression of a caring attitude to the patient. The caring moment began in the events that took place in the emergency department while caring for this patient and his family. The helpful and caring nature of these relationships helps in extending unconditional love to others and responding to their requests in times of need.

Communication includes verbal, nonverbal and listening in a manner which connotes empathetic understanding. In this particular situation the environment is considered the lobby, trauma bay, and counseling room where the interactions between the nurse and family members were occurring.

It includes the collection of the data. The interaction between a nurse and a patient brings out the role of arts and sciences in an effort to find the best solution in the healing process. Actual Caring Occasion Actual caring occasion involves actions and choices by the nurse and the individual.

Past, present, and future incidents merge and fuse. Sensitivity to self and others 4. Transpersonal caring promotes self-knowledge, self-control, and self-healing patterns and possibilities. This means the ultimate purpose or goal of the nursing profession is to give the patient relative level of coordination or harmony within themselves so as to achieve self-healing and the ability to provide care to themselves based on the acquired knowledge Watson, A caring attitude is not transmitted from generation to generation.

This theory consists of ten carative factors, six assumptions, and eight major concepts. Jean Watson Theory of Caring Moment Nicole Sherrod Theories and Models of Nursing Practice Professor MaryLouise Martin April 20, Jean Watson Theory of Caring Moment The caring moment is a critical decision in another person life, as well as your life.

It is an act of humanity. Jean Watson's Theory of Caring Essay Words | 3 Pages Dr. Jean Watson’s Theory: The Philosophy and Science of Caring “Caring is the essence of nursing”~Dr.

The seven assumptions

Application of Jean Watson theory of Human Caring to clinical Practice Introduction The major concept of Watson’s theory of human caring revolves around transpersonal human caring. This concept of human caring may be analyzed on three perspectives and these are life, illness and health.

health and the nursing practice in general. The. The Application of Watson’s Caring Theory in Nursing Administration Joko Gunawan Faculty of Nursing, Chulalongkorn University Introduction Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring is a grand theory that contributes to the existential side of nursing.

• To describe the application Watson’s theory in nursing practice related to individual. The major components of Watson’s theory are the carative factors, the transpersonal caring relationship, and the caring occasion/caring moment (Cara, ). We will write a custom essay sample on Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring.

Watson Caring Science Institute. About WCSI; WCSI Fact Sheet; Watson Caring Science Faculty & Staff; Download Core Concepts of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring/Caring Science.

Download. Nursing caring theory based activities as guides to practice, education and research have developed throughout the USA and other parts .

An application of jean watsons theory of transpersonal caring to nursing practice essay
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