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There may be many coincidences, but the action never moves to the entirely implausible. The diverse attitudes towards love in this play are due to the dissimilar lifestyles, the court and nature, and backgrounds of each character. After all, how are we to understand the unmotivated family hatreds which launch the action?

But the finer instincts of his ripening art gradually restricted its scope. This tells habitually as a pervading spirit, a contagious temper, not as a creed put forward, or an example set up.

His own social desire seems to be to find someone else to wallow in the same emotional mud as he does. Some are comedic and some are genuine. By taking a closer look, however, it becomes apparent that the four marriages are not all motivated by true love.

On the contrary, she seeks to teach a version of love that not only can survive in the real world, but can bring delight as well. What the future will bring will happen. That is no reason not to appreciate the immediate joys of the love she feels for Orlando.

She might, like Giletta, make direct for Bertram at Florence, under the pretext of going on a pilgrimage. Because pastoral drama takes place away from the city or the palace, it permits the characters to explore life in a totally non-political way, in a setting where their social roles can be momentarily set aside and they can, to some extent, experiment with possibilities not available in the much more restricted world of the city, where they are known, have social and political responsibilities, have to observe much stricter codes of behaviour e.

In the Forest life is, as I have observed, lived more immediately in the moment with whatever life presents at the moment. The Shakesperean norm of love, 1 thus understood, may be described somewhat as follows. At the same time, Rosalind has not an ounce of sentimentality. Such physical vigour, variety, and spontaneous action are much more important than the plot which like a wrestling match may be entirely predictable and thin.

Although as we shall see the Forest of Ardenne is not a completely idealized pastoral setting, we have here all the standard ingredients of pastoral drama. By way of illustrating this competition, let me list a few of the rival possibilities.

But his genius made perennially delightful even the crude forms of confusion which create grotesque infatuations like those of Titania, Malvolio, Phoebe, Olivia. When he points out to Corin in 3. Touchstone tells Audrey that they, too, will be married on the morrow.

Celia and Oliver are simply following the lead of Rosalind and Orlando, but seem to strive for companionship rather than passion or true love.

This comes out most clearly in her famous reply to his claim that, if Rosalind rejects him, then he will die. Hence, it often prompts stern criticism from those who believe middle-class drama should observe certain rules about a proper style and subject matter and carry a useful moral lesson.

This is the reason why several lords come flocking to him in the Forest of Arden.

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It is as clear in the presentment of Falstaff or lago, as of Horatio or Imogen. Yet internal evidence leaves no doubt that this play, though originally written, and therefore planned, in the early nineties, was revised by Shakespeare at a date not far remote from that of Hamlet.

She might, just like Touchstone, think about leaving him as well. The adventures of Falstaff in pursuit of Mrs. The normal love, not being itself ridiculous, could thus yield material for the comic spirit only through some fact or situation external to it.

I will be gone. He set out to fit a eharaeter based upon a nobler type of love into a plot based upon a grosser; and even he could not effect this without some straining of the stuff, and here and there a palpable rent.

Twelfth Night is far from being as a whole a Comedy of Humours. Celia sternly tells her father that wherever he sends Rosalind, so to will she follow. The play represents passionate love on the one hand, as well as disguised, blind and even manipulated love on the other hand.

Touchstone himself acknowledges the frailty of his vows and does not attempt to deceive anyone about his intentions. But these are all lies.Themes Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work.

The Delights of Love.

As You Like It

As You Like It spoofs many of the conventions of poetry and literature dealing with love, such as the idea that love is a disease that brings suffering and torment to the lover, or the assumption that the male lover is the slave or servant of his mistress.

A look at love in Shakespeare's plays, including "Romeo and Juliet," and Sonnet 18, a great love poem. The Recurrent Theme of Love in Shakespeare's Plays. Search the site GO. Literature. Shakespeare Studying & Teaching Love in 'As You Like It'. As You Like It is obsessed with the nature of love and desire.

In the play, Shakespeare demonstrates over and over again how love can make people do some pretty risky and foolish things. In particular, the play spends a lot of time critiquing the artificiality of "courtly" romance and reminds us of.

Rosalind is the heroine and protagonist of the play As You Like It () by William Shakespeare. She is the beautiful daughter of the exiled Duke Senior and niece to his usurping brother Duke Frederick.

Her father is banished from the kingdom which breaks her Orlando (husband), Duke Senior (father), Celia (cousin). - The Importance of Family Relationships in As You Like It by William Shakespeare ‘As You Like It’ depends largely on the portrayal of relationships for an array of purposes; the relationships provide comedy for the audience, and induce empathy and various other emotions.

- Shakespeare's Sonnets & Romantic Love in As You Like It. Shakespeare's Treatment of Love and Marriage From Shakespeare's treatment of love & marriage and other essays by C. H. Herford.

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London, T. Fisher Unwin, Ltd. The Shakesperean world is impressed, as a whole, with an unmistakable joy in healthy living.

As you like it loves portrayal
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