Cellphones boon or bane

On the individual level, there is no denying the obvious utility of this handy instrument. Even people engaged in illegal activities depend on mobile phones. So it can be treated as boom. For the moment, one would wish to confine oneself to problems created for the common man rather than go into such issues as the security implications of the use that criminal elements can put the cellphone to.

In India, people are quite conscious of their status and they tend to show off. Its portability, sleek design with many features and affordability has made it an indispensable gadget for everyone to have it in their pocket. Continuos and regular use of cellphones can result to cancer and tumours still people ignore that and use cell phones.

Sankaranarayanan Ernakulam Punish the guilty One should not drive while talking over a mobile phone because it may lead to accidents. Or, do we need legal measures to enforce some norms? Tinku Khanna of Apne Aap that works in red-light areas of Bihar, Bengal and Delhi sees it as a common trend in other states too.

They are quite unaware of the sound pollution they are creating. With red-light areas shrinking and the business of prostitution moving to digital platforms in India too, it waits to be seen whether these women can reclaim better control over their lives like their counterparts in the West.

All communication had to be through the post or the telegraph.

Cellphone mania — a boon or a bane?

In Kerala, a State with a high level of cellphone penetration, the issue is particularly relevant. Joseph Kochi Restrict the use The mobile phone is no doubt a blessing but only when its users follow certain etiquette.

Yellow lines on the roads are just like any traffic signal that is meant to be ignored. Aug 5, The best way to ensure peace is through self-regulation by the cellphone users themselves. It may be worthwhile to recall that considering its ill effects on the student community, some colleges in our country framed certain guidelines for students where one is not supposed to use cell phones in the college campus.

But if cellphone users become unmindful of others, the constant ringing of the phone becomes a nuisance to the people around.Mobile Phones: A boon or a bane.

Are Mobile phones boon or bane?

January 21, By Ankita sharma BRONZE, Ahmedabad, Other. More by this author Follow Ankita sharma.

Cell phone — a boon or a bane?

Ankita sharma BRONZE, Ahmedabad, Other 1 article 0. Mobile Phone Is Boon or Bane Essay We all know mobile phones and their extensive mint-body.comlly when the cell phones were launched in the market it was available to all but affordable only for a set of people who could avail it.

Cellphones: A boon or bane? The cellphone is without doubt a technological blessing, but its sounds, the ringing and the talking and the resultant cacophony in public places are turning out to be. Cellphones are the perfect tool to take photographs of the location and conditions that caused your accident.

This is crucial, because by the time your case comes to trial or negotiation, the conditions could have been changed deliberately by the at-fault party.

Cellphones: Boon or Bane CELL PHONE: BOON OR BANE From the invention of fire to the world of digital, man has forced his scientific advance. In this fast moving generation computers are considered to be the greatest gift of science. One wonders if the proud owners of cellphones are at all concerned about the fact that people all around them may be eavesdropping or that their calls may be monitored by interested parties.

Cellphones boon or bane
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