Decriminalization of cannabis essay

The laws which prohibit marijuana use are merely a gateway to an inefficient and counterproductive social experiment in the name of public safety. According to the U. In making this argument, the FDA conveniently ignores 4, years of medical history which prove it wrong.

One prominent official, Joycelyn Elders, the former U. A criminal record can cause difficulties in employment, and international travel. The proposal in which states and the federal government decriminalize medical uses of marijuana is an admirable idea which appeals to the pathos of the American public by offering assistance to Decriminalization of cannabis essay persons in need of access to this drug.

The biggest flaw with this argument is evident in a survey from the U. The Criminal code states under section After he co-founded a medical cannabis evaluation practice, Dr.

It was only when the U. The fact that marijuana has side effects proves that it is the norm among drugs, not the exception. The House of Commons Special Committee says that marijuana is unhealthy the criminal penalties for it are distortionately harsh.

It is time to refute the misconception that decriminalizing marijuana is a barrier to socioeconomic opportunity, safety, and public health.

Food and Drug Administration. Because of the steep sentences and penalties for marijuana offenses, black Americans convicted of marijuana offenses face a disproportionate burden of achieving economic stability through employment compared to their white counterparts.

My essay is written as if it is Decriminalization of cannabis essay verbally presented to a group of these adults at a town meeting. This idea says marijuana per se does not create public danger, but it causes people who consume marijuana to use more dangerous drugs like heroin or cocaine.

The effects on people who consume excessive amounts of marijuana are a good reason to avoid habitual overconsumption of the drug, but Sack fails to make a compelling case the drug is so dangerous that it should be denied to patients whose lives could depend on it.

The idea that people should abstain from marijuana use is a valid proposition, but it incorporates a question of value that is irrelevant to the question of policy at hand. Like legal prescription drugs available on the market, marijuana should be classified as a Schedule 2 drug by the FDA in accordance with its relatively low medical risk compared to hard drugs.

While not overtly a racist policy in theory, marijuana prohibitions, as they are practiced, reinforce economic inequities along racial lines by making black Americans pay a steeper cost than white Americans.

In several states, marijuana offenders may even receive maximum sentences of life in prison Marijuana. It has been used for recreational, religious, and medicinal purposes. If governments are willing to permit drugs like Valium, Amphetamine, Methadone, Ketamine, OxyContin, Xanax, and Hydrocodone to be used as acceptable medical treatments, it is illogical to prohibit marijuana.

Decriminalization of Marijuana

Others believe that decriminalization will send conflicting messages to young people about the dangers of drug use. Americans for Safe Access, 26 Mar. A review of their therapeutic potential. Even more outlandish than the cost imposed on taxpayers and law enforcement is the draconian set of penalties imposed on individuals who violate marijuana laws.

Arguments against decriminalization that marijuana is a gateway drug and leads to more harmful chemicals like cocaine- and heroine. The penalties for possession often do not include a prison sentence but the guilty will receive a criminal record of this crime and these penalties should not include this.

Until then, taxpayers who pay for the enforcement of modern laws and the nonviolent drug users who receive extreme punishments shoulder an excessive cost in return for very little benefit to society, if there is any benefit at all.

The recent uses for marijuana in treating ailments validate the extensive historical use of this drug and invalidate contemporary misconceptions about it.

Despite the fact that marijuana arrests have increased from 2 to More arguments have risen that marijuana use is associated with poor work and school performance and decriminalization will lead to higher drug use and addiction rates.

Considering that the only impact of recreational marijuana usage might be a slight increase in cost from health problems pertaining to marijuana use that are no greater than the health problems arising from many legal drugs, it is alarming that the punishments for this act are often equivalent to crimes resulting in deaths of other people.

It is valid to say that marijuana has some side effects on people who use it, but false to suggest that there are no occasions when it benefits a patient more than it harms him.

There is no such thing as an overdose. In contrast to these drugs, there is no evidence showing that marijuana is responsible for a single death from overdose Marijuana. The absence of benefits from criminalizing recreational uses of marijuana is less alarming than the costs incurred through the criminal justice system and the excessive burden imposed on those convicted for marijuana offenses.

The flaws of prosecuting marijuana offenses so extensively are not worthy of the sacrifice of these ideals by the American people. The common assumption that marijuana has the same level of addictive qualities as drugs like cocaine or heroin has been proven false by medical studies.Essay about Decriminalization of Marijuana in Canada Words | 6 Pages.

Introduction Marijuana is currently a hot topic of debate throughout Canada, and has been for the past few years. Dec 19,  · Essay on decriminalization of weed. Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers Decriminalizing marijuana would result in $ million towards enforcing the proper criminalization of life threatening drugs such as cocaine and Methamphetamine's, to name a few, which currently sees one quarter the funding of marijuana criminalization.(1) This money is.

In recent years, there has been a strong push towards decriminalizing marijuana in Canada.

Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized

Decriminalization refers to the act of removing criminal sanctions, such that possession of marijuana as well as consumption of it would not result in a criminal prosecution. Currently, under Canada’s. Free decriminalization of marijuana papers, essays, and research papers.

Free Essay: Decriminalization of Marijuana Think for a minute about alcohol. It's something we are well accustomed to in our every day lives. We associate it. A very controversial drug in society today is marijuana.

The controversy is mostly due to the myths that people have created about marijuana’s effects.

Decriminalization of cannabis essay
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