Describe discriminatory practise in health and social care essay

Equal Opportunities and Anti Discriminatory Practice Policy Essay Sample

Ethical issues are those issues which relate to moral and responsible ways of working to promote independence, autonomy, and equal opportunities, justice, confidentiality and anti-discriminatory practice.

A person may be discriminated against because of their social class standings as people who are rich may look down on the people who are less fortunate than themselves. As an individual if you look at the way your personal beliefs and values affect you will help in understanding the way in which other people may behave.

Dealing with conflicts Dealing with conflicts is crucial in health and social care. It was also prejudice because the teacher should have thought about how Lucy would feel about being told that she was unable to make two cards for her daddies, this would then make Lucy feel as if one of the men were not her parents although she had been brought up with both of them there.

People may discriminate against a family structure by thinking that families can only be brought up in on specific way. They may also need the support of an advocate. The code also tells those using the service what to expect, and if they are not treated accordingly they have the right to complain.

This may lead the patient to have a low self esteem and confidence because they may feel bad about themselves and a doctor not wanting to treat them would make them feel worse about themselves, this may because the man may not feel comfortable within his body already and by someone not wanting to treat him because of his sexuality may decrease his self confidence more.

Provide high standard of care at all times Be open and honest and uphold the name of the profession Nurses and midwives are expected to act lawfully, whether those laws relate to your professional practice or personal life.

Service providers usually ask patience how they would like to be addressed so that respect them the way they want. How do national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice?

They did this as a way of giving them the power to decide. There are many ways in which to promote anti- discriminatory practice that are very effective. If they view themselves as not good at anything, they may react in a negative way towards others and not have any confidence in themselves.

The Equality Act brings together all previous acts relating to equality and discrimination. These are the things that help in promoting anti-discriminatory practice. This duty is preventive, meaning that the public authorities will have to review all their policies practices, procedures and services to make sure that people with disabilities are not being discriminated against and ensure that all the services are planned with their needs fully considered in advance.

One of the ways in which care providers promote equality, value diversity and respect the rights of service users is to always put service users at the heart of the service providing. They are there to tackle some of the health inequalities that service users face.

Describe discriminatory practise in health and social care Essay Sample

An example of a person being discriminated against because of their cognitive ability in a health and social care setting by a care worker who has been looking after them.

P3- The effects of discrimination on the basis of family structure. Another example is if a person with a learning difficulty comes into a residential care setting for respite.

Advice and guidance —rights Medical and care planning information Physical support- dressing ,personal care Social support, talking to them when they need someone to talk to Mental health support- coping strategies, coming up with activities that them involved Supporting individuals to express their needs and preferences This is another way of promoting anti-discriminatory practice as carers support the preference of each individual.

Every health and social care profession has a code of conduct as a guide for their work for example: Some people may discriminate against someone because of their race as people are not always used to seeing certain races and may feel intimidated if there is a big group of people who are a certain race which may then lead to them discriminating.

Through these legislations and regulations, service users will know their rights, therefore allowing them to be treated as individuals. Charters give a clear overview of the entitlement to services that the service users have.

Staff should also receive handbooks when being inducted to a new post or role and they should receive training to ensure that all health and social care professionals are kept up to date with changes and reminded of the duty of care.Free Essay: Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Malaika Stafrace m P2: List and describe FOUR different discriminatory practices by the.

Discriminatory Practice Essay. A. Pages:5 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. This can lead health and social care professionals to treat someone differently from someone else. This means that a person may not get that same level of treatment, which may jeopardise their health and well-being.

Anti-Discriminatory. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Discriminatory Practice In Health And Social Care" Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Health and social care often abbreviated to HSC, is a word relating to services that are accessible from social and health care providers.

This essay attempts to describe health and social care and. Additionally, social learning theory has had a large impact on health and social care practice in the UK (Jones & Atwal, ). This theory highlights the importance of learning through observation and modelling in terms of adhering to a care plan (Jones & Atwal, ).

Unit 2 P2 Describe Discriminatory Practice in Health and Socail Care. Discriminatory Practice In Health And Social Care Essay. Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Malaika Stafrace m P2: List and describe FOUR different discriminatory practices by the staff that might take place in this residential care home.

Equality and Inclusion in Health and Social Care

Describe discriminatory practise in health and social care Essay Sample. In this part of my work I will be talking about the ways which discrimination is within a health and social care setting.

Describe discriminatory practise in health and social care essay
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