Design technology coursework specification

Provide detailed analysis of ergonomic and aesthetic suitability. Evaluate the viability of each development. Design is also offered in the IB Middle Years Programme as a compulsory subject for grades 6—10, and at the Diploma Programme level grades They create the solution and then evaluate it following thorough testing.

The primary focus of MYP Design is to give students an understanding of the design cyclethrough a practical programme.

Design and Technology

Manufacture Realise a 3-dimensional outcome in a range of materials. It covers core topics in human factors and ergonomics, resource management and sustainable production, modeling, raw materials to final production, innovation and design, classic design. Students document their progress as they follow the design cycle to come to a feasible solution.

Demonstrate a range of production skills and processes. The two coursework units are described in the table below: It provides students with the knowledge to be able to design and make in school workshops, and also to develop an informed literacy about technology in general.

Indeed, due to the complexity and variety of tasks and organisation skills required this examination and course is very demanding.

Outputs from such work are often sent to CNC machines for manufacture. For each coursework unit, students must complete an internally assessed practical project, which we moderate.

Students have to use all types of computer software including computer-aided design and manufacturespreadsheets and computer presentations. Identify relevant materials and industrial production methods.

Produce working drawings for manufacture. The diploma is accepted for university entrance in many countries, and is a good preparation for careers in areas such as engineering, architecture, product design, interior design, design and education.

Because it is an international curriculum it has a particular focus on global environmental issues. Similar to the previous GCSE, the new specifications have two assessed components - an exam and a non-examined assessment NEA but with a Investigation and Analysis of Product Explore a range of existing similar products.

Present a plan for manufacture.

These GCSE specifications had two assessed components: Testing and Evaluation Test systems and products against appropriate criteria.

Analyse testing outcomes and consider further developments and modifications. Unlike the National Curriculum the previous subject titles were retained e. The Diploma Programme of Design Technology is a two-year introduction to designing, a range of fundamentals of technology, and global technological issues.

Technological education is segregated into various subjects available at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Standard Subject in Technical.Design and technology (D&T) It is also a university course in many countries, including Australia, Canada, the US, Singapore, South Africa, Similar to the previous GCSE, the new specifications have two assessed components - an exam and a non-examined assessment.

GCSE Design and Technology (Product Design) Teachers' Guide 1 Contents GCSE in Design & Technology (Product Design) Teachers' Guide Page 1. Introduction 2 2. Course Structure 3 3. Unit 2 Controlled Assessment 4 The WJEC GCSE in Design and Technology (Product Design) specification has been.

GCSE Food Technology Coursework Guide This coursework guide offers valuable information and examples to assist with planning and completing your coursework.

Design Specification This is a bullet point list that.


GCE Design and Technology: Product Design. OCR Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Design and Technology: Product Design H Coursework Assessment Criteria for AS F Advanced Innovation Challenge 64 candidates produce a specification and design brief using annotated sketches, notes and models to describe their ideas and.

In carrying out this coursework assignment, students should have opportunities to complete the following steps: Identification of a Problem, Need and Specification Explore a range of problems and needs in a range of design contexts.

This is a design based course • The specification combines theoretical content with practical application produce a design brief and specification to inform AO2. Assessment Objective 2. GCSE D&T. • The only GCSE in Design and Technology offered by AQA, as endorsements are not permitted.

Design technology coursework specification
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