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In my personal opinion, love really should be a once in a lifetime thing. It is the subject of many artistic expressions such as poems, books, songs, paintings, and photography, all Essay defining love which attempt to make sense of such a sublime feeling, word, thought, or emotion.

It is not necessary that your essay about love is for some particular person; your essay about love can be a general essay for all the living beings of the earth just for showing your good feelings of love and harmony towards all the creation of God. How is it that such a small word, composed of only four letters, can mean a variety of things to so many different people across the globe?

The Power of Love: Just as there are many types of lovers, there are many types of love. The emotion of love is progressive. All biological models of love seem to see love as an animal drive, just like hunger and thirst. It is not necessary that love exists only between opposite sexes but love is there between human kind, between brothers, between sisters, between brothers and sisters, between parents and children, between husband and wife, between neighbours, between nations, between all relations and love also exists between humans and other living beings such as animals.

The truth is that love is tremendously difficult to define and is one of those terms that will be always argued and analyzed. The next theory, designed by Robert Sternberg characterizes love in an interpersonal relationship on The word itself, love, seems to just waft softly from the tongue like a petal would from a rose.

Conclusion Love is not just a fairy tale with no negative manifestations. For instance, a person who starts experiencing the unique feeling of affection, attachment, respect, adoration and desire for a given person or objects become generally psychologically stable.

Definition Essay – What is Love?

Everyone around us has different definitions and it really just becomes confusing. People can do some dreadful things out of hate and fear, but love can push us to do much, much worse. Love is a steep mountain.

Love definition essay

It is the strength of this feeling that makes love the most powerful emotion that most of us will ever experience. Family love is an unconditional and an everlasting love. It is a topic that has been written about through the ages and has found its way into books on literature and religion.

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After drafting, you will be able to find your errors and remove them. In fact, after I peek, I do not feel the beating in my closed hands anymore. People have been and are still influenced by the emotion of love. Love cannot be seen, touched, nor approved by any of the other human senses, yet we know that it exists.

The Role of Love in Mythology There have been many different scientific views taken up for love. This shows their unconditional love and protecting of their child. By this statement it is assumed that it makes the person stronger through the harmonization of the personality or in other words through obtaining a constant source of positive emotions.

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Love truly is strength but it is also a weakness with all its compromises the person does. In terms of psychological aspects, love has a dual character as it shapes the personality of the person from two positions: Maybe it Essay defining love how the balance of the universe is achieved.In the dictionary love is defined as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

Some people believe love is a temporary feeling that will eventually disappear. Free essay on Defining Love available totally free at, the largest free essay community. definition essay, defining love - What is Love? Essay on Love in Relationships - Unknown source of Passage 1 and 2 Love relationships are similar to a seesaw, as the seesaw tips according to the persons sitting on the two sides, a love relationship can also lean according to the mentality of the couple in the said relationship.

Defining Love Essay - Defining Love What does the word love mean. I have heard it since childhood, but nobody seems to have the same definition.

I really needed to know today because someone very special has been on my mind all day. I stopped by the Hallmark store to pick out an anniversary card for my wife and found myself amazed at. Defining Love: Aim-inhibited Libido or Unconditional Positive Regard?Abstract Love, whilst recognised as a universal experience has been found to be extremely difficult to essay compares and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of two of the most prominent love theories.

The first is Freud’s theory of love as aim-inhibited libido.

Definition Essay Of Love

The Definition of Love essaysThis was a really hard subject to write about. I tried looking for definitions of love on the Internet, in self-help books, poems, the .

Essay defining love
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