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Corporate or chartered membership of relevant professional institutions will also be considered. Theory and Practice mandatory This module aims to provide the student with an understanding of the concepts and practices of construction project management used to provide value added services to clients.

An honours degree in a related subject area plus a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience post qualification. Entry requirements Masters MSc level entry applicants must have: The main aim of the research will be focusing on identifying the main causes and symptoms of project delays and how it impacts the over project lifecycle.

The course will also introduce students to the mechanisms used by a typical standard form of construction contract from the JCT05 suite to control the risk exposure arising from the liabilities of contracting parties created by the contract and common law, as well as the flow of money and information between contacting parties.

Environmental Geotechnics optional This module aims to give students an appreciation of the role of contaminated land within geotechnical engineering, developing understanding of current UK legislation and government policy relating to methodologies for dealing with contaminated land. This will be valuable in terms of career development, as management competences and self-reflection are increasingly sought in practice.

Admission via this route will be at the discretion of the Director of Admissions and the number of successful applicants will be restricted.

Project Management Dissertation Topics

Examples would be secondary school education or undergraduate Msc thesis construction project management. Sustainable Design and Development optional This module aims to help students develop a critical understanding of the complexity of urban and housing design and development, including the importance of people and process.

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It should be noted that the following list is in no particular order, but modified to meet academic research requirements. The research will analyse different project management software in order to conclude if they do increase productivity and lead to project success.

Sustainability in Civil Engineering optional This module aims to equip students with the interdisciplinary attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to allow them to contribute to the delivery of sustainable development within the civil engineering industry.

Construction Technology optional The overall aim of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of the different elements that make-up a building so that they can communicate effectively with construction professionals in the design and construction of buildings.

The role of users and tutors To identify and discuss the differences between project management and operations management What is the most suitable time to develop project plan and how detailed it should be? Culture and Conflict Management Purpose: PG Diploma level entry applicants must have: In which case, what can be learned from the original emergence and growth of general management?

Construction Practice and Information Technology mandatory The overall aim of this module is to provide an insight into the development of information systems in the construction industry.

The research uses the team conflict dynamics model to analyse different conflict types and team conflict profiles to produce resolutions that can improve or lead to project success.

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In this regard, the course enables learners to understand the practical relevance of the remediation technologies within the context of site contamination and to gain knowledge of the engineering measures adopted at landfill sites for the safe disposal of waste. People and Organisational Management in the Built Environment mandatory This module aims to develop a high level of interdisciplinary understanding about complex organisational and personal management processes and how important they are in underpinning technical skills to deliver high quality services as a professional.

Construction Financial Management mandatory The aim of the module is to enable students to appreciate and make an intelligent contribution towards the managerial and financial aspects of construction companies in general and construction projects in particular.

A minimum of at least one year of full time study or equivalent in the medium of English language will be required. The main purpose of this research paper is to identify the most important factors that helps in selecting a project. The research examines how cultures of project managers may influence their methods of conflict resolution.

The course is designed to raise student awareness as to why the construction industry under-performs when compared to other industries.

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Although there are many factors that causes projects delays or makes it unsuccessful, however this research will be focusing on identifying the consequences of project misalignment with business objectives on the overall project performance.

Time Estimation Forecasting project progress and early warning of project overruns with probabilistic methods Developing a model for successful estimation of Times and Cost Quality Management To examine the current quality management theories and practices in UK Quality Control and Due Diligence in Project Management: Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources optional The aim of this module is to provide the students with a thorough understanding of the hydrological basis of water resources assessment, planning and management.

Here I have compiled a list of some project management issues for research and discussion. Strategic Issues mandatory This module aims to further develop the learners theoretical and practical knowledge in the implementation of Project Management Principles in the construction industry.

Project Management

We offer a range of English language courses to help you meet the English language requirement prior to starting your masters programme: Online Learning students can choose to start their studies in January or September. Programme leader Dr Graeme Bowles has teaching and research interests in value and risk management, whole life costing, project briefing and procurement.

Semester 2 Project Management: The course will help students to understand land and property markets from an economic perspective; to examine land and property as a set of linked markets and to consider regulatory constraints on real estate in economic terms including planning.

List Of Dissertation Topics About Construction Project Management

Analyzing the project delay causes and how global construction companies are coping with it Purpose:Project Management and Operational Development TOPIC: The key objective of this thesis is to identify key procurement project management success factors that can help project managers succeed in the execution of their MSC --Mobile services Switching Center.

Any dissertation topics ideas for project management master level? preferably in leadership or any managemnt related areas? There are some interesting project topics ideas for MSc Project. Msc Thesis Project Civil Engineering and Management and Management and Construction Management and Engineering who plan to start their MSc Thesis Project.

It can also be used by students from the 5 year ir-programme Civil Engineering (regular intake until ). 1. What is graduating about?

List Of Dissertation Topics About Construction Project Management. Thinking of what good and impressive topic to write about construction project management can always be a. Aug 21,  · Im just about to start a MSc in Construction Project Management in Edinburgh, however, Im worrying about what topic I should do my Thesis on.

Has anyone any suggestions on what would be a good topic area??Status: Resolved. Mar 14,  · "What are some good project management dissertation topics for a postgraduate student?" HI, As already mentioned in some other answers, there is a very useful list on dissertation topics pertaining to PM, which can be found here: Project Managemen.

Msc thesis construction project management
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