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It protects the Inner structure of the heart and is also known as the visceral pericardium. These arteries carry the venous blood to the lungs where the inter change of gases takes place, carbon dioxide is excreted and oxygen is absorbed.

When it gets filled, the right atrium contracts and drives the blood through the right artrio-ventricular valve into the right ventricle, which is turn contracts sending the blood through the pulmonary valve and into the pulmonary artery.

Blood helps to keep the body at the right temperature and maintains blood pressure and volume. These valves are formed by three half-moon shaped semi lunar cusps.

These are the only veins which carry oxygenated blood. The Pulmonary Circulation 3. This lines the inside of the heart and is very smooth and made up of loose connective tissue and simple squamous epithelial cells.

In order that these materials can come in contact with the liver cells for metabolism, it is necessary for the blood to pass through a second set of capillaries. Its fibrous nature prevents over distension of the heart. Air is sucked in through the mouth and nose, through the voice box, down the windpipe, and into the two lungs.

The platelets contract and pull the injury back together, the blood will clot and aid in healing. It transports oxygen and nutrients to cells, removes waste and transports hormones.

When you exhale carbon dioxide leaves the body the same way oxygen was taken in. Taylor, [3] Epicardium: There are many types of white blood cells, each one has a different structure and function and are part of the immune system.

The two sides of the heart have no communication with each other. Cancer Research, [2] Plasma: Oxygenated blood leaves the left ventricle through the aorta which branches and reaches every part of the body supplying 02 and nourishment to the body tissues. Interior of the Heart The heart is divided into a right and left side by a muscular partition called as the septum.The heart beat sound is known as the 'lubb' and 'dupp', this is where the blood is pushing on the valves of the heart.

The 'lubb comes first. The books chosen for Places in the Heart present a similar message about the influ- ence of place and are set in an urban ghetto (Brothers and Keepers), along one of the great scenic rivers in North America (A River Runs Through It) and in small towns from.

The Heart Essay examples; The Heart Essay examples. Words 8 Pages “The heart” The Heart is a very important organ in the body.

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It is what keeps your blood flowing and your organs going. Concordia has a heart for people, a heart for the history of this place, and a heart for Jesus Christ to be shared with all. Thanks be to God. Amen. The film entitled “Places in the Heart” released in is a wonderful film that deals with various conflicts in the society.

Set during the Great Depression, the term “family” is defined in a unique manner in the film. Even after Viola and her husband leave town, the feeling of being betrayed stings Margaret's heart.

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The Ku Klux Klan in Waxahachie are enraged that Edna trusts Moze, a black man, as a business partner and friend. Places In the Heart The movie Places in the Heart brings up many controversial issues that occurred in the South during the era of the Great Depression.

The five most prominent themes regarding social issues were slavery, racism, woman's role in society, men's role in society, and higher authorities.

Places in the heart essay
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