Pre-writing activities with ocean theme

Ocean Read and Write around the Room Activity This fun read and write around the room activity is available in the Ocean Literacy Packet located in the printables section below.

Ocean Rhyming Students will match rhyming coins to their treasure chest mats in this small group game available in the Ocean Literacy Packet below. Sit in a circle with your group. Children sit in a circle. Children use the tongue depressors like crab claws to deposit the pompons in a container.

Transparent bottles filled with different shades of blue water. When the music stops, if a child is standing inside a hula hoop, he is trapped like a crab in a cage.

Ask children to touch the child sitting on their port side, then starboard side.

Students will roll a die and move their playing piece towards the hook. Deep sea fishing or crab fishing: We have prepared crew members. They can represent the water, the beach, and seaweed.

Leave the bin out for children to notice.

Use chalk to draw on sandpaper. Blue, green, and brown tissue paper, construction paper, and cellophane paper. Children follow the seashell hiding the marble with their eyes and then take turns lifting the seashells to find the marble.

The child who is touched by the shark must remain still and stretch out his arms. Port side, starboard side Sit in a circle with your group.

Let children manipulate the content of the bin using a variety of containers, kitchen utensils, or plastic marine animals. Once they have grasped the concept, set cones on the port side and on the starboard side.

Have fun with these wonderful workshop ideas provided by Caroline Allard. Glue a marine animal illustration to each bottle.Oh, how I love a good preschool ocean theme!

Top 10 Ocean and Beach-Themed Activities for Preschool!

Of course, the following ideas would be wonderful for a kindergarten ocean theme, too! Or adapt them for older children, as well! This collection is broken down into categories so you can find exactly what you want- arts and crafts, sensory bins, science, play doughs, math, literacy, and snacks.

Ocean activities for kids including ocean sensory play, ocean crafts, ocean fine motor practice, ocean printables, and ocean books. This activity provides practice using fine motor skills to. OCEAN and BEACH-THEMED ACTIVITIES for PRESCHOOL! This week the #PlayfulECE Team offers the best in summer learning through PLAY for preschoolers!

Even if you don't have a chance to visit the ocean or a beach this summer, the activities below will bring the delights of playful learning, creating, and exploration to kids at home or in the preschool classroom! One way to work on pencil grip with preschoolers is to encourage them with fun fine motor activities.

This printable ocean themed prewriting activities sheet will help them strengthen their pencil grip in. Explore JanaMarie Thompson's board "Ocean Preschool Theme" on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about Preschool, Rainbow fish and Educational activities. Ocean Words Writing Center Poster (free) Ocean activities Pre-school art activities Preschool Printables Preschool Learning FREE PRINTABLES Therapy activities Preschool Summer Crafts Free. Pre-K & Preschool theme ideas for learning about ocean animals.

Find more Ocean Activities for Pre-K. Books. Click here for a complete list of books about Ocean Animals. Crab Walk {Large Motor} Children crawl like a crab from one point to another.

27 Ocean Activities For Preschool Download
Pre-writing activities with ocean theme
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