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The Marzotto prize aimed at "fostering talent": This was the first initiative in the field of cultural awards to be staged in Italy in the post-War period, a unique time for the country.

Fundamental sectors in the years of the so-called "Italian miracle", a period of reconstruction and development for Italy. The Marzotto prize highlighted the work of people who, though perhaps lesser known, between theory and practice, were able to take part in that period of rebirth.

It came to a close inthe year European culture underwent the upheaval caused by student protests. An extraordinary opportunity for the startups which will meet large Italian and international businesses ready to invest real money in our ideas premio marzotto business plan planning capacities: It was the first time an Italian industrial concern had attempted to support the arts in such an assiduous and generous way, laying the foundations for the many current unions between textiles and art.

Conceived to encourage intellectual activity, the Marzotto prize represented an important part of Italian cultural and scientific life.

Prize-winners recall it as "a respectable prize", underscoring that sense of freedom and independence which distinguished premio marzotto business plan. Renato Guttuso, Marzotto Prize It must be acknowledged that the commissions showed a certain amount of "insight" when they consecrated the talent of Indro MontanelliMario Praz and Umberto Saba The Marzotto prize was a tribute to mature intellectual activities, premio marzotto business plan also an initiative aimed at encouraging those at the start of their careers: This is increasingly seen from the perspective of open innovation and the internationalization of processes, in the spirit of mutual sharing between large businesses and young innovative ventures.

More than two million Euros in prize money, over 30 partners, 30 incubators, 7 big corporations. With the Premio Gaetano Marzotto, new Italian businesses are going to be launched into an international dimension on the lookout for significant growth.

Because of its international appeal, it aimed at giving new consistency to the European scene, by indicating a path of collaboration.

Premio Gaetano Marzotto The largest prize for Italian innovation in launching startups. Not only arts, but also Medicine and Surgery, Economics and Agriculture. The real Italian network for innovation, from finance to banks, from Venture Capital to the press, from Business Angels to innovative services.

A unique moment for cultural Italy. This bond between art and industry proved itself to be innovative and a model to be followed. Established in Octoberthe prize was staged 18 times, every two years, and became an event of international appeal which enjoyed great prestige throughout Europe, even going so far as to "export" exhibitions.

Premio Gaetano Marzotto, the award the searches for the new entrepreneurs and constructors of the future, those able to yoke together innovation, business, and society. It wanted "to make room for initiatives aimed at elevating arts" and this interest came from the industrial world, a new form of art patronage.

For new soldiers of fortune. The Prize was unaffected by academic logics, fashions or nepotism and commercial pressure. Marzotto Prize Culture and Science: The prize clearly showed that even the most pragmatic persons felt the need to give room, means and accolades to cultural and scientific research.

And looking back, we can safely say the goal was achieved, considering that through the names of the prize-winners we can reconstruct life in Italy in the Fifties and Sixties.FAST TRACK is the name of the new edition of the Premio Gaetano Marzotto prize devoted to open innovation and internationalization.

Premio Gaetano Marzotto, the award the searches for the new entrepreneurs and constructors of the future, those able to yoke together innovation, business, and society.

Dec 12,  · Una traversa ferroviaria innovativa, che produce energia al passaggio dei treni. Greenrail, la startup finalista al Premio Gaetano Marzotto mint-body.comg. The selection committee judges all the proposed candidates on the basis of the following criteria: team, originality of the product or service, the attractiveness for the reference market and the impact on it, the intentions for using the prize, the business plan, and the presence of a valuable partner.

Premio Marzotto, far volare un’idea di impresa.

Selection of judgement process

Ontuscia News Impresa International. capitol one | copernico | marzotto venture accelerator special prize The Special Prize will be assigned to a startup from any of the Premio Marzotto categories and consists in a 6-month acceleration program, with facilities offered by Capitol One, Copernico and Marzotto Venture Accelerator.

Stefano Marzotto is Chairman at Zignago Immobiliare Spa. See Stefano Marzotto's compensation, career history, education, & For: Zignago Immobiliare Spa.

Premio marzotto business plan
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