Smrt bus driver strike case analysis

SMRT bus drivers’ strike

A rubbish heap was located directly right outside the kitchen, where one could see rats, cockroaches and lizards scuttling around. Their salary has increased much more than ours, but we work as long as them and we work harder than them. Moreover, changing of management style is proposed as a long term solution to change the current situation.

The administration division of the company is primarily made up of local staffs. According to the men, they only found out about the change from an announcement put up on the noticeboard; they were not consulted beforehand. In short, a high work-low people leadership style needs to be implemented and a 9, 1 managerial style is applied accordingly.

He is able to deal with complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty. Retrieved from Factiva; Almenoar, M. Meanwhile, the leaders are bounded to act properly to the workers as they will not be able to take advantage of workers who fully understand their rights.

We ask if they have tried contacting the Ministry of Manpower about this. There were poor communication channels between the drivers and their leaders. This was despite the fact that the workers had come to Singapore based on promises of a five-day week.

To overcome these challenges, the firm took deliberate steps to grow and professionalise its railway workforce, especially in railway engineering.

These include the doubling of the rail network byheightened regulatory standards, increasing ridership and commuter expectations, alongside an ageing infrastructure and workforce. Roster change At the beginning of June this year, it was announced that the five-day work week would be changed to six working days, and this would take effect from 1 July They were reportedly unhappy with various salary-related issues, including a change in the terms of employment mid which they felt were worse than the original terms they had signed up for.

This implies that the service leader only emphasize on the work done by the drivers, he only needs to make sure that the bus drivers gather at the depot on time, and perform their work shifts in a correct manner.

Human resource management, Chapter 1, Singapore: Hence, business prosperity will be boomed. More needs to be done to assure the workers that communication and policy measures are fully in place for them. Complaint procedures were disregarded, and Management and HR policies were disappointing, especially in the bus division.

Please contact the Library for further reading materials on the topic. Our team is assembled by both local and foreign talents.

This ex-driver spoke of how, over a period of more than two years of working in Singapore, he had saved aboutyuan. Ishkawa, Failure to attend to any of the six elements will eventually leads to quality defect and system disruption.

Later, workers on the afternoon shift also joined in the strike. Transformational leaders are visionary agents who motivate people to do things differently. The reason for the difference in pay between Chinese and Malaysian drivers was also explained.

He promotes rationality and careful problem-solving. The output business depends on the professional artists in our company, most of which are foreign talents holding special visas instead of employment passes EP.

Bus driver split over mass labour strike. He tells me that despite the fact that perhaps nothing has changed at SMRT, what is important is that the matter has been highlighted and made public. We also provided counselling to help ensure that they remained calm and rational when deciding on their course of action.

TWC2 arranged food and accommodation for the 4 workers out on bail and launched an appeal for donations to this end. Guide to Quality Control. At the same time, the quality of the work is the key to maintain the image and reputation of the company. The sit-in brought swift censure from various quarters, who said the drivers should have sought less disruptive means to address their unhappiness.

And the leadership behavior is tailored from Authoritarian to Paternalistic. There is pressure because every step they take to improve on their quality can be seen by the public.

Although riot trucks and some 45 police officers were deployed, no direct police intervention was required. Accommodation, Welfare and Salary matters will constantly be their hot buttons. On Tuesday, 88 drivers stayed away from work again.On 26 Novemberbus drivers from public-transport service provider SMRT Corporation Limited (SMRT) refused to go to work, and 88 were absent from work the next day.

It was the first strike in Singapore since the Hydril strike in The protestors, who were all Chinese nationals, were aggrieved at the disparity between their wages and those of their Malaysian counterparts.

About SMRT bus drivers recruited from China have agreed to go back to work today, after day-long talks with the bus operator over salary, and work and living issues. The drivers had. Five ex-SMRT bus drivers have been charged for criminal offences.

Bao Fengshan’s case was heard on 3 December He was accused of “commencing the strike”, pleaded guilty and was jailed six weeks. In a recent hour-long phone interview with Yahoo! Singapore, former SMRT bus driver He Jun Ling opens up to JEANETTE TAN and PEACE CHIU to share the story behind why and how more than bus drivers ended up going on a two-day strike against their employer on.

Sep 07,  · Case Study: SMRT Buses provide safe services through proactive driver training [NEC Official] NEC Corporation. SMRT Bus - How do Bus Captains calculate bus fares?.

SMRT drivers’ strike — a stand for dignity

SMRT is now a major case study for all to study and see. Walking off the job in protest is unheard in Singapore in the last 26 years until last Nov 26 when about Chinese bus drivers of SMRT stayed in their dormitories. Another 88 did not report for work the day after. The strike was over on.

Smrt bus driver strike case analysis
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