The debate surrounding the approval of the abortion pill ru 486 in the us

In France it is not approved for use on women with at least 12 common medical problems. The panel appointed by Clinton was stacked with strongly biased, pro-abortion members.

None of these requirements were recommended by this panel. From the pro-life side, our speakers stressed again and again how the history of abortion in the U. One of the few good things that came out of the hearing, if you can call it good, is that the pro-abortion people wanted approval for use up to nine weeks, or 63 days, after the first day of her last normal menstrual period.

In short, the testing that they relied on from France is not comparable to the medical practice in the U. They must also be able to diagnose tubal pregnancies, since women with tubal pregnancies may not take the drug.

Of the eight members of the panel, the final vote was seven in favor, with one abstention. Two days later she is to return to the abortion facility. No drug has ever been approved before the final results of the testing were in, but this one will be.

Abortion pill approved: Canada reacts to RU-486

We do not publish comments with links to other websites or other online material. In short, this panel relied upon the experience of France, which has a far more rigid and controlled patient population than here.

RU-486 Approval

She then is to wait at the office for four hours. On the first visit, she is to take mgs. That depends on a number of factors. Two weeks after her initial doctor visit, a woman must again return to confirm that the medications succeeded in ending the pregnancy. The average woman in the test bled for nine days.

His patient almost died from hemorrhage and was saved only with multiple transfusions.

RU-486 Eyed In Abortion Debate

Myth 3 -- Any doctor can prescribe RU Myth 5 -- RU will be much more convenient than a surgical abortion. Now, in France, if that woman did not come back, they went out, got her and brought her back. Some of these women will have complications.

But in this case, take it as a given that it will follow it, for that is exactly why this stacked panel was appointed and this meeting set up.After legalization in the United States, the UK and 55 other countries, abortion pill RU has finally been given the stamp of approval by Canadian health officials.

Health Canada announced late. It recommended the approval of marketing of the French abortion pill, RUin the United States. It recommended that this pill be used with another pill, Cytotec, an oral prostaglandin, and that the two of them be approved as chemical abortifacients.

How does the abortion pill work? In Canada, the pill will be marketed as Mifegymiso. RU is commonly referred to as just mifepristone, but it is really a two-drug combination of mifepristone and misoprostol.

RU is the first pill in a two-step procedure to terminate a pregnancy under two months. It causes abortion and a day or so later, a second, different pill causes contractions that are supposed to complete the process.

RU-486: What you need to know about the recently approved abortion pill

The FDA approved the abortion pill in the U.S. in and updated guidelines in Learn how Mifeprex (RU) works, and what to expect. RU abortion pill still not widely available in the U.S. -- Widespread distribution of the abortion pill RU, manufacture large commercial quantities of RU in an FDA-approved.

The debate surrounding the approval of the abortion pill ru 486 in the us
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