The effects of television on filipino children

Which was not only concerned with their minds occupied but also with their all round development! Apr 5, Hii, everyone. Alternative options If, as a parent, you think that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, then there are alternative activities you and your children can engage in without exposure to TV.

However, it became unforgettable for more reasons: When doing homework with TV on the background, kids tend to retain less skill and information. Kids with lots of screen time were found to have narrow artery in their eyes, which may indicate heart risk.

Since we all of us know that everything has its pros and cons. If any company want to promote or advertise their product then television is the best place. The effect of two-way conversations was almost 6 times greater than the effect of merely listening to adults talk.

Watching TV makes you quite literally dumb. As we know everything has two aspects similarly. In order to discuss the effects of television, first, we should focus on.

Nowadays youngster spending more time for watching movies and listening music at a time more Vulgar scene see it. T v is a good news channel: Feb 3, Good Morning Friends, According to my opinion, television is major role play in the society.

Television and Kids: How do I stop my child from watching TV?

This is based on a study which shows that there is a link between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD among children who are 7 years old and their TV watching habits formed in their early years. We watching for a good prospect. Is watching television harmful to kids? But how does watching TV really affect children?

Jan 26, According to my point of view, television is good as well as bad but I agree that television has many more advantages than disadvantaged by these following point.

Six think is that only by television we can know that we is happening our society in India and other country and we adopt the lifestyle. It depends on us which one we do.

Today youth are watching vulgar movies, dirty scenes.

The Debilitating Effects of TV on Children

We contribute a very important role in this. Too much watching TV as a young adult, especially when combined with not much exercise, may be linked to lower brain functioning even before one reaches middle age, according to a sturdy from the Northern California Institute for Research and Education.Batibot is the most popular and the longest-running all-Filipino children’s TV show in the Philippines.

As soon as the Children’s Television Workshop animation and simple visual effects, it has made Filipino kids realize that science is indeed an exciting subject to learn.

So, if we talking about the effects of television on youth I think television is one of the important things that aware youth to the about new technologies, competition and as we all see that some reality shows have small children with such a beautiful talent so I think this inspire our youth. Teens who watch a lot of television with sexual content are more likely to initiate intercourse in the following year.

but also found that some viewing effects can be positive. having parents view programs with their children and discuss their own beliefs regarding the behavior depicted.

Doing so can reinforce the benefits of accurate. Most Filipino children glued to teleseryes and foreign television series dubbed in Filipino," the The study also stressed the role of parents in curbing the negative effects of television.

The Good and Bad Effects of TV on Children

Influence of Mass Media on Today’s The current concern about effects of violence and crime as depicted on television was high- Action for Children's Television (ACT) is a national citizens' organization to upgrade the quality of children's T.V.

Inamong their. The effects of television on children and adolescents An annot at e d bibliography with an introductory overview of research results Prep are d by The International Association for Mask I Communication Research'-: Amsterdam J Editor.

The effects of television on filipino children
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