Unsolved crimes

Some believed Unsolved crimes faked their deaths, committed group suicide, or were killed by a violent cult. He skipped school, got violent with his family, and even ran away. Carolyn Wasilewski 14was found dead in a rail yard near her Baltimore, Maryland home on 9 November Louis Allen 44was shot dead on 31 Januaryon his Liberty, Mississippifarm.

Strangulation and shotguns were used to kill the children, several of whom were sexually assaulted before they were murdered. The killer remains unidentified, although internet sleuths have a number of theories about the killings. The police called the death a homicide, but never solved the case.

Zanniel had a history of using and selling drugs. They had both been active in the local civil rights movementand investigations have concluded that was the motive for the bombing, making them not only one of the earliest martyrs to that cause but Unsolved crimes only married couple killed for their activism in it.

Her husband was arrested, but committed suicide during trial, protesting his innocence all along. No suspects were ever identified. Three Detroit gangsters were shot down in the Milaflores Apartments on March 28, The body of Erik Jan Hanussen43, an Austrian Jewish publicist who claimed to have psychic powers and was a confidant of Hitler, was found in a field in ZossenGermany, outside Berlin Unsolved crimes late Aprila month after he had last been seen on March 25 in the city.

Lizzie was later arrested and charged for the murders.

List of unsolved deaths

Lee51, was killed by an assailant who drove up alongside his car and shot him several times on May 7,in Belzoni, Mississippi. He was all the way in Spain, after having been reportedly kidnapped and sold into a European slavery ring.

Reports that this was the consequence of his involvement in a love triangle have never led to any suspects being identified. In the weeks before he had told family and coworkers that he was investigating "something big" that would lead to his promotion.

Police mentioned the man was depressed and likely killed himself. New York police believe the murder was related to an extortion attempt; no other suspects have ever been named.

No charges have ever been brought. Benjamin Nathan 56a financier turned philanthropist; he was found beaten to death in his New York City home on 28 July The van had been burned as a result of arson.

John Bamford was considered the prime suspect in the Wonnangatta murders in East GippslandVictoriaAustralia ; however, his body was found early the following year.

Three of them died, and the fourth one was wounded but survived. When friends stopped by early next morning to pick up the girls for a planned water park trip, all three women were gone. She was my love.

He refused to identify his killer to police. Three years after his disappearance, the Barclay family received a call from a boy claiming to be their missing son.

Since Jones had two years before been banned from the Soviet Union for life after being the first journalist to report on the —33 Ukrainian famineit has been believed that the Soviet NKVD had him killed in retaliation, as some of those connected to the kidnapping were its agents.

A local vagrant, Harold Israelwas arrested and charged with the crime; but at trial prosecutor Homer Stille Cummingslater U. The victim may have fractured her nose and right wrist at some point in her life. In this area of our website, we are pulling out all those dusty case files from storage, cleaning off the debris that has collected on them throughout history and putting them up for you to read about.

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Wong was eventually tried and acquitted for lack of evidence. In the days before the fire, the Sodders were visited by two men—a life insurance salesman and a man seeking work—both of whom warned Sodder to be careful of his home catching on fire.UNSOLVED CRIMES If you have any information concerning any of these cases, please contact Sarasota County Sheriff s Office Criminal Investigations at To leave an anonymous tip, call Crime Stoppers at TIPSor submit information online at www.

TPD Unsolved Crimes goal is to educate the public about cold cases, missing persons and unsolved crimes in the Tulsa area. This site is intended to share and exchange resources in efforts to publicize these crimes and ensure every victim’s story is told and.

I found this book to be a very interesting look into the realm of unsolved crimes. The stories were well researched and quite informative. It is the type of book that is simply hard to put down, once you open it/5(19). Watch video · The crimes horrified communities and stumped police — leaving questions that lingered for decades afterward, as years passed without an arrest or even a credible suspect.

Unsolved Homicides (Cold Case Investigations) Unsolved Crimes Investigation Program The Texas Ranger Unsolved Crimes Investigation Program was created on September 1, by the 77th Session of Texas Legislature.

This list of unsolved deaths includes notable cases where victims have been murdered or have died under unsolved circumstances, was the scene of one of the most puzzling crimes in German history.

Unsolved Crimes

On the evening of 31 Marchthe six inhabitants of the farm were killed with a pickaxe, and the murder is still unsolved.

Unsolved crimes
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