Violent media is good for kids

At the age of thirteen, according to him, a life-awakening incident happened in his life. Exposure to violent media instills deep fear among children.

It seems that Gerald Jones had his work cut out for him in writing this essay. In this case, Jones showed how media violence helped someone power through adolescence and contribute to a very successful future.

By employing real life examples, he is able to not only provide concrete evidence, but also put a face to the fact.

To further contribute to ethos, Jones uses a rebuttal. As these stories are told, readers reminisce about those days, and feel joy in knowing that there was a happy ending. The author experience through his son action also give the evidence violent story like comic is not always give bad impact for reader.

Analysis of Gerald Jones’ Article “Violent Media is Good for Kids”

According to him, his early life was a nightmare, leading a fearful life as a lonely boy who had little social interaction with his neighborhood that his mother and the society considered unsuitable for his well-being.

However, insufficient evidential research makes his message lack credibility or merit. Besides, aggression and violent media bears considerable resemblance to lung cancer and terrible habit of smoking.

Children are affected at any age, but young children are most vulnerable to the effects of media violence. According to statistics, 68 percent of the video games, 90 percent of all movies, 15 percent music videos and 60 percent of shows in TV have violence instances.

Then, he uses the powerful tool of rebuttal to show the credibility of his argument. Rather than dismissing action heroes and video games, Jones calls for parents, teachers, and everyone else who cares about the next generation to learn why this entertainment holds such enormous appeal and how they can help children develop naturally.

Instead, it shows that there exist pertinent issues which actually cause delinquency and misbehavior in kids. They say people use media violence as a driving force for real life violence. The issue of violence is can arise from multiple factors, which include poverty, community and domestic violence, abuse of children and psychopathology of families.

Review Essay on Violent Media is good for Kids

In his essay, he mentions that many psychologists argue that violent stories breed more violence- such as the recent increase in columbine shootings. This rebuttal contributes to the objectivity of the essay. Children can learn how to solve problem in different way from violent media, they also learn that life is not always harmful for them then it make them stronger.

Using his own experience alone is a demonstration that the conclusion which the author reached emanated from a base of knowledge insufficiency. From that article there is no statement or argument that againts the writer.

This proved to be very beneficial. The violent acts that young people expose themselves to make them consider the world a mean and highly unsafe place to be. By reading and writing violent stories, children are able to express themselves safely and even escape from the sometimes harsh reality.

His mother prevented him from accessing the highly addictive pop culture, that had its prime moments in the s. Horror movies, the mother of violent media, heighten anxiety among teenagers who watch them. The second example involved an older girl in a very chaotic family situation.

Are more easily impressionable. In other words, when we channel violent media into heroic battles of good versus evil, it can empower a child in need.

Nevertheless, similar research shows that media violence can have positive impact on kids.

Violent Media is Good for Kids Summary

That is also true when it comes to exposure to violent media. Indeed, argues Jones, even trashy or violent entertainment plays an essential role in the healthy development of children.

It is a deliberate evasion from the mundane veracity that, even during his time, not all children had experiences similar to his own. Children will increase anti-social and aggressive behavior.

This is a juxtaposition of life issues and problem that a person may be facing Jones. These can guide kids during tumultuous times when the effect of life is demeaning.

These groups believe media violence leads to the following: Email For years, parents have been told that fantasy violence seen in movies, televison shows and video games can negatively affect children in real life. Thus, the increased exposure to violent media content would affect the children adversely.

Media Violence Good For Children?

He derides the realities of life, failing to acknowledge the fact that he had to get himself out of his apparent social incarceration, in which he found himself, under the most unfortunate circumstances.Violent Media Is Good for Kids Words | 4 Pages.

Violence in media is healthy and beneficial for children—or so claims Gerard Jones, author of “Violent Media is Good for Kids”. It is undeniable that the title of Jones’s essay is straightforward and aptly named, if not confidently bold. Violent media have remarkable influence upon the minds and general growth patterns of children.

According to Gerald Jones, through his article “Violent Media is Good for Kids”, children should have unlimited access to such squalid forms of entertainment, unrestricted.

Violent Media is Good for Kids Renowned comic-book author Gerard Jones argues that bloody videogames, gun-glorifying gangsta rap and other forms of ‘creative violence’ help far more children than they hurt, by giving kids a tool to master their rage. Conflict and Anger in the Article "Violent Media is Good for Kids" by Gerad Jones - In the article “Violent Media is Good for Kids,” the author Gerad Jones argues that bloody videogames, junk culture, and other forms of imaginative violence help kids, stating that it gives them ways of dealing with conflict and anger.

Violent Media is good for Kids. Jones wrote the article, Violent Media Is Good for Kids. In this article, Jones tries to support the notion that there can be positive impact. Free Essay: Violent Media is Good for Kids Analysis From infancy onward, parents and teachers have drilled into the young generation that violence should be.

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Violent media is good for kids
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