What are the ways to reduce pollution essay

Polluting the underground water deposits Plastic trash, when filled in landfills, reacts with water and leaches harmful chemicals into the soil poisoning the underground water. Once we have used the water, we affect its quality. The discarded plastic nets cause a problem of entanglement and choking for the smaller sea animals.

Start an anti-litter campaign to educate your community. One butt thrown on the ground can remain for up to 25 years, leaking chemicals like arsenic, ammonia, acetone, benzene, cadmium, formaldehyde, lead, and toluene into the environment. Some industries follow this rule, and they either destroy the remaining material, or re-use it safely.

We should not put excreta and sewage flowing from cities and towns into water, but dump them in garbage pits outside the city so that they turn into compost later on and which can be used in the fields. Use sustainable, reclaimed, or recycled building materials.

Such water can also be used for washing vehicles and we should use only good quality water for drinking purposes. Carry that doggy bag Most of us when eating out, tend to order more than we can eat and then get it packed in that plastic doggy bag.

What is the sugar that is most readily metabolized by yeast? In the rural areas, pucca drains are required to be made, because the water is going everywhere in a chaotic manner; it finally reaches the rivers and canals with tons of garbage and pollutants.

Laws must be enforced to ensure that the industries do treatment of wastes before the water is discharged into the rivers and seas. There are virtually no toilets in the slum settlements located near city-dwellings, or even if there is one, it is not able to function smoothly. Oil leak from the cars and other machines have posed bigger threat and these have become major contributors for water pollution.

In this article, we have given you all the information about pollution caused by plastic, plastic bags, etc.

The state of Sikkim has banned the use of plastic mineral water bottles while the state of Delhi has banned the use of plastic bags. Many people also do not know that plastic, glass and paper can be recycled and thus prevent pollution by reducing waste. Being a responsible consumer: Today we are destroying the same nature which gave us birth.

Central Pollution Control Board CPCBthe vigilance body for plastic pollution in India, stated in its report that as many as 60 tier-I and tier-II Indian cities can be held accountable for the generation of almost 4, tonnes of plastic waste every day a figure that goes as high as 25, tonnes pan India.

All cities and towns must have sewer facilities. We must adopt such methods which can cultivate the soil and improve the health of the environment.

Most of them throw their wastes into the rivers which is a dangerous scenario as far as water pollution is concerned, as all these wastes finally affected the water animals as well as the humans. Avoiding hazardous material It is also extremely important to adopt the correct methods of the disposal of toxic wastes.

It is time for learning sustainable ways of living. Sometimes, accidents of the ships also takes place into the sea and thus various chemical substances and oil get spilled over the sea water leaving long term impact on the creatures living in water.

How to Control Water Pollution

However, in these flats the need of water is high and there is growing pressure on groundwater reserves.Ways to Reduce Air Pollution Essay When compared to water pollution, air pollution tends to take a backseat.

While each issue is equally important, it's easy to forget the prevalence of air pollution. After all, unless you live in a city, the air above your head probably looks as healthy as ever.

Essay on Plastic Pollution, “Beat Plastic Pollution” Speech and Article

Jul 26,  · Reader Approved How to Reduce Water Pollution. Three Methods: Changing Your Household Habits Keeping Your Yard Pollution-Free Expanding Your Reach Community Q&A Water is one of the world's most important resources, and we can all do our part to stop it from getting polluted%(15).

May 07,  · This information will help you in writing the essay, speech on plastic pollution in your exams, homework, essay writing, speech competitions etc. So let’s start. Check out our new post on – 10 Ways to Beat Plastic Pollution, Poster Ideas, Sample Essay and Slogans4/4(48).

These steps, as well as many others, are things we all can do to help reduce air pollution. Conserve energy – remember to turn off lights, computers, and electric appliances when not in use. Use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances. Ways to reduce air pollution Essay Sample.

Car pooling You can car pool with your neighbours or friends to reduce smoke that comes out from the vehicles. Reduce, reuse and recycle Reduce use of rubber and plasti English Essay 1 Ways to conserve the environment by constructing green homes Scratch Outline 1.

Essay on Controlling Water Pollution (689 Words)

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What are the ways to reduce pollution essay
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