Write a letter to president zuma

They will plan their kill, often shooting the animal in the knee to keep it from running away, or killing it outright.

The country deserves the best possible agriculture minister. I am a person who always sees good and am open to new ideas and I still believe that there is good in South Africa and our country can grow and prosper.

Why has poaching for Rhino horn increased so dramatically? Remember, together we can make a difference for these animals. Here is a video that breaks down the cold hard facts for you: Make this part of your resume one day.

We have created an educational document on the issue which you can use to make your own presentation to schools and other community groups in your area. We are all they have got and they are depending on us to help them. As a young person, this affects my future and I am concerned.

It is no longer a secret that our former President of the ANC, honorable Thabo Mbeki was briefed about this and an investigating company from overseas compiled a detailed report including names of businesses that colluded with the JSE to hide this money.

Please send us your letter today and we encourage you to also contact your school, church group or other community organization and ask them to also help collect letters as well.

I find it strange that after 20 years of democracy, many of your government functionaries are still blinded by old prejudices and simply will not entertain the thought of engaging commercial farmers in a constructive manner to ensure long-term sustainable and profitable land reform.

I imagine it would be a mammoth task to sort out the general inefficiency of state departments, on both national and provincial levels. We are appealing to the YOUTH in South Africa to join children from around the world by writing a letter to our President — President Jacob Zuma expressing your concern for the rising and cruel massacre of our rhino and asking for his guidance and assistance before it is too late.

We have launched a Global Letter Writing Campaign! The file is very large so it may take a few minutes to download. The reason for the increasing slaughter is that the horn is sold into the Asian traditional medicine markets.

And who is wise enough to keep our beloved Oom Salam Abraham, that wise old man of SA agriculture, close by their side. They visited South Africa in and learned about the seriousness of the poaching situation and decided that something had to be done.

When will black people compete equally if all capital was leaked to support white capitalists of this country? Less sophisticated poaching groups may consist of 4 to 6 individuals who are well armed and will infiltrate a community to get information on rhinos in the area.

Our country is on the verge of a serious political crisis, in part because of your leadership and ideas about South Africa. Syndicates use helicopters to shoot or dart a rhino with a tranquilizer gun to bring the animal down and then close in, hacking the horn off and then leaving the animal to bleed to death.

Our goal is to collect 1, letters and or drawings addressed to President Zuma. Please contact us on: I wish to understand your mindset and the way forward for our country, which I think you will agree is deeply conflicted at present. More information about their organisation can be found on their website www.

The animal is usually slaughtered and the horns are usually roughly removed with an axe or panga. The same media that reports this corruption has not written a single article about white corruption. Why is it that nothing is being done when large businesses benefited from this corruption act.

Today we are told that our government that we struggled to install is corrupt. Who thinks straight, is honest and works from a basis of integrity. Have your people told you about the sterling recapitalisation work done by Grain SA on behalf of your government structures in the Free State and North West?

Often, if the cow has a calf, it is killed as well, both for the little bit of horn that it may have, but also to prevent it from interfering with the poachers as they hack the mothers horn out.

I am willing and able to meet with you anytime.

Open letter to President Zuma

I feel as your leadership has created deep divisions in our country and we no longer work to create a better nation for all. It simply does not make sense, Mr Zuma. Rhino horns are composed largely of the protein keratin, also the main ingredient in hair, fingernails, and animal hooves, yet is has no proven medicinal value.

One committed to the people of South Africa — all of them. The Public protector was informed about this and a request was made that she investigate this crime by white capitalist but she has refused to do so.Kathrada's letter to Zuma: 'Submit to the will of the people and resign' Dear Comrade President Zuma, I have agonised for a while before writing this letter to you.

Dear Mr President, I am taking off all my professional hats and writing to you in desperation as a South African citizen deeply concerned about the levels of crime in our country.

Open Letter To President Jacob Zuma. likes. Open Letter To President Zuma is a page that is aimed at registering concerns from ordinary people of. Dear Mr Zuma: This is Annelie from the Free State. I’m writing on behalf of myself and all the farmers I deal with.

In this, your last election year, I want to ask you a few favours. We have launched a Global Letter Writing Campaign!We are appealing to the YOUTH in South Africa to join children from around the world by writing a Letters to President Zuma Home. An Open Letter to President Jacob Zuma.

Read: An open letter to president Jacob Zuma

Mr President, you write a column and we’ll publish it. You will have everyone reading it. as you can see from this very letter.). There will simply be.

Write a letter to president zuma
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