Year10 history exam study guide

DO NOT just listing examples of racism. The greater the diversity of topics you consider, the better your grade will be]. How far did the fallout extend? These changes did not affect all Northerners in the same way: Who profited from early industrialization either directly or indirectly?

Rank the factors according to importance, explain each factor, and justify your ranking. Each of these questions requires you to reference material from several different lectures.

Compare and contrast the many different ways that racism influenced American history during the 19th century. How did different groups of Americans respond to the dramatic social and economic changes produced by early industrialization? It shaped a wide variety of developments in the period fromsuch as westward expansion, the reactions to Northern industrialization, sectional tensions between North and South, and course of the Civil War.

The fallout from early industrialization also spread well beyond the workplace into matters of politics and culture. Remember you are making an argument about how racism shaped key developments.

Remember you are making an argument about why you thought some factors were more or less important than the others, not just listing reasons. Who lost ground or perceived themselves to have lost ground?

Assess industrialization and its ripple effects on Northern society. The greater the diversity of groups you consider and the more examples you include showing the effects AND responses to early industrialization, the better your grade will be] 3 Clearly, racism was one of the defining forces of the 19th century.

One of the following questions will appear on your final examination 60 pts In evaluating your essay answers, I will consider how well you muster evidence from various lectures and readings to support your case.

Without specific examples from lectures and readings you will not have proven your argument not matter how clearly you articulate it. In your opinion, what were the most important factors explaining westward expansion?

I am looking for both breadth and depth of knowledge.

HIST 101: Final Exam Study Guide (SP 2016)

The more complete your answer — that is, the more material you draw upon and the more varied your examples — the better your grade will be.

For a variety of reasons, the US acquired western lands and diverse groups of people moved to the west. I am interested in what conclusions you have drawn from the course.History Final Examination Study Guide In class, Thursday May 12, from amam (The Final Exam is worth Points) Possible Identifications: Four of the following will appear on the exam, you will answer TWO (25 points each, 50 total pts) Safety Valve Search for Community Transportation Revolution 49ers Sources of.

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Page 1 U.S. History Final Exam Study Guide Define the following terms: abolitionist: Person who wanted to end slavery in the United States amend: To.

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Year10 history exam study guide
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